About Signet of Zerubbabel

"Those Who Cannot Remember the Past are Condemned to Repeat it"   George Santayana

Our Team

The Members  of our team have more than 100 years of combined Masonic experience, each holding advanced knowledge and degrees in our Craft.  Our ability to build innovative ideas, create alliances, and navigate through difficult problems solidifies our  knowledge and provides opportunities necessary for the advancement of our  Brethern.  For us, research is about being unrelenting, engaged, consistent, open minded and accurate.  Dedication and  integrity  are words often used to describe Signet of Zerubbabel. And, you can count on us acting in the same manner for you.

Signet of Zerubbabel Council No. 36,      Year 2015

Sovereign Master:  James E. Britt           Secretary: Lee Short              

Senior Warden:  Chuck Hodges               Junior Warden: Tom Rogers

Senior Deacon: Michael Gould               Junior Deacon: James E. Vance

Chaplin:  Billy Neeley                                   Tyler:   Gray Brothers

James E. Britt, Soveriegn Master of Signet of Zerubbabel # 36 for the year 2015.

Operating with the highest ethical standards, Signet of Zerubabbel # 36 takes very seriously our position and the needs of our brethern.

With Dispensation to form a Council chartered in 1956 of The Allied Masonic Degrees.  We appoint as the first Office-Bearers thereof-- February 6th 1956.

Gilbert Mansfield Honeycutt ...Sovereign Master         David Schneider.....Secretary

James Evans McDavid.....Senior Warden                         David Alexander.....Treasurer

Ernest Noel Vinson.....Junior Warden

Our Most Sincere Thanks to Our Founding Brothers!