Throughout history men have sought physical immortality, yet all have failed.  Indeed our lives are brief and our time to shine is but a flicker of light.  As a result of our life long efforts we shape ourselves, our families and our careers.  Some will consider their efforts successful and many will fall short.  As men, we will fail and we will triumph, we will celebrate and we will mourn, we will love and we will despise and at the end of our labor we hope to be remembered fondly.  Man is not a creature of perfection but a mere work in progress.  When his labor is completed he will be judged and he will be found guilty, his sentence will be one of eternal perfection or endless labor shaping a stone that cannot be cut.

       When we pass through the final veil and ultimate Light is revealed to us,  we leave this world to reside forever in a  place of rest and relaxation.  Our hopes are simple: Was our work successful and did we leave a true mark?  Is our Craft better for our tenure and did our character inspire others to seek further Light and conquer their fears?  

      Our project and its mission is to create a storehouse of wisdom- a video library that showcases the men whose lives shaped Masonry and, in doing so, left their marks on the cornerstones of our generations.  We reserve these pages for those whose life was measured, not by the number they loved, but by the number of those who loved them!  Not for the treasures they accumulated but for the sacrifices they endured for the benefit of their Brothers. 

     They are known, not for the accolades they accumulated, but for their selfless donation of their most precious asset ‚Ķtheir time.     

      To these Brothers we honor them by preserving their image, their words and their wisdom for the generations.  Just as the monuments of antiquity continue to display their majestic character, the images and character of our legend's can now be viewed, inspiring and teaching future generations, long after their labor's are done.



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"The price of wisdom is great but the cost of ignorance

no Mason can afford."