Signet of Zerubbabel  Council No. 36 Education:           NEW Spring 2017 Scribe

Papers Presented in 2016-2017

  The Immortality of the Soul,  Greg Conner, Presented at Fayetteville, NC.  January 7, 2016.


James E. Vance:  King Solomon and the Building of a Successful Lodge,  Presented at Fayetteville, NC  March  3, 2016:

The Scribe:  Christmas Edition 2015:

The Scribe:  March 2016 Edition:

The Scribe:  Special Edition May 2016:

The Scribe:  Public Knighting Spring 2016:

Was Spock a Mason?  James E. Vance

Why We Wear Purple.  James E. Vance

The Vault

The Scribe:  Featuring the Grand York Rite

Regional Meeting  6-4-16 at Fayetteville, NC

Templar Abroad  Greg Conner 8-16-16

The Forgotten Templar:  James E. Vance 8-16-16

Scribe Spring Edition 2017

Scribe September 2016

Scribe December 2016