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The Mark Masters Degree:  January 2015, by Sir Knight Lee Short

The Giblim and their importance to FreeMasonry:  March 2015, by Sir Knight James E. Vance

Three Simple Dots:  April 2015, by Sovereign Master James E. Britt

Tommy Smith

Gray Brothers

Bill Washo

Signet of Zerubbabel Papers

                                                     "Saving our Living Legends" 

     In this segment, Signet of Zerubbabel Council No. 36 would like to emphasize the importance of preserving our Masonic history.  We sincerely hope our efforts will help preserve this "light", which is paramount to the success of our future generations.  Today, we have the ability to preserve our most valued historical asset.  Our "Living Legends" are those whose strength, wisdom and character have endured the tortures of time and weathered the countless storms of life; successfully bridging the seemingly bottomless crevasses of ignorance and apathy.  With their plight in mind,  Signet of Zerubbabel is honored to present "The Living Legends Project" .  Within this portion of our Web Site we will use video to record interviews with our most esteemed members.  Our hopes and aspirations are simply that their "light", wisdom and character will forever be remembered in their own voices and in their own words.   For more details on this project click here.