Phoenix No. 2,  Royal Arch Masons

Celebrated their 200th Anniversary on September 1st, 2015.

We are very excited to have found the original proceedings from 1823.   We have re-discovered many facts from this documentation that was previously unknown to us.  It has also been an honor to remember and give credit to our founding Fayetteville Brothers, whose efforts made our fraternal existence possible.  The following statemens are  taken from the 1822 and 1823 documentation.   

Located at Fayetteville, North Carolina  Phoenix Chapter No. 2 was originally chartered by The Grand Chapter of America on September 1st, 1815.   Phoenix was then re-chartered on July 1st, 1823 by  The Grand Royal Arch Chapter of The State of North Carolina.

The Proceedings of a Convention for the Formation of a Grand Chapter of Royal Arch Masons was officially held at Fayetteville on June 21, 1822.   The purpose of this convention was to establish a Grand Chapter of Royal Arch Masons  for and within the State of North Carolina.   It was resolved that Companions Strange, Hunter, MacRae, Dismukes, Morgan and Freeman be appointed to draught a Constitution for the Grand Chapter of North Carolina.    By: Ben B. Hunter, Sec.  Saturday, June 22, 1822.

Members Present at this initial meeting were:  Concord No. 1, Phoenix Chapter No.2, Represented by: Duncan MacCrae, Robert Strange, Esek Arnold, Mount Arrarat No. 3, Roanoke No. 4, Concord Chapter No. 5, and Kilwining No. 6. 

The First Annual Convocation of The Grand Royal Arch Chapter was held at Fayetteville on June 23rd, 24th and 25th 1823.  With a newly draughted constitution in hand, it was adopted by the Convention held at Fayetteville, June 21st. 1822 and convened at Mason Hall in the town of Fayetteville on Monday, the 23 day of June, A.L. 5823.

Members present:  Concord No. 1, Phoenix Chapter No. 2-Represented by: M.E. Comp, James Townes, H.P.E., Comp. James H. Hopper, S., Concord Chapter No. 5, Tarborough, Wadesborough Chapter No. 6.

Phoenix Chapter No. 2 held its 200th Anniversary dinner at Bonefish Grill where a great time was had by all.  We are truly blessed to enjoy such a rich heriatage.  As Phoenix Chapter No. 2,  we are honored to have hosted the first Proceedings of a Convention and the First Annual Convocation of The Grand Royal Arch Chapter at Fayetteville.  We feel a special appeciation for the founders of the Grand Chapter, many of who were members of the Phoenix Chapter No. 2.     

A special thanks to Michael Gould and Gray Brothers for putting this event together.