Palestine No. 20,  Knights Templars of North Carolina, is once again proud to present  our public Knighting program for 2017.   Held at Fayetteville, NC on April 8th 2017,  we Knighted eight new Knights and re-Knighted three more.  Around seventy family and friends came out to eat dinner and see their beloved Knights .   This was a truly special Knighting ceremony,  we were honored to have  Knights Templar Right Eminent Grand Commander Stancil Wilson and Past Grand Commander James B. Steele as members of our 2017 class.  

R.E.G.C. Stancil Wilson

Grand Prelate John Frazier

Past R.E.G.C. James Steele

Palestine Commander Thomas Rogers, Sir Knight, Dr. Robert Ferguson & R.E.G.C Stancil Wilson